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Pro Touch Marketing is the premier all in one Internet Marketing Advertising company in New England. We specialize in everything from Mobile Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, Social Media content management and much more. We only use the current and most effective methods to get top search engine rankings for the keywords your customer's use to find your business. Call us today for a no obligation consultation about the services we offer.
More and more people іn thе United States use search engines to find local businesses. In fact, Google recently reported that 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find this information. If your company is not tapping into this goldmine of potential buyers, then you can bet that someone else is, and its likely one of your competitors. Call us today to arrange for a free consultation about how you can effectively position your business to capitalize fully from this growing trend.
Are you aware that of all the people who own smartphones, more than 50% of them use their mobile device to:

  1. Search for business hours
  2. Search for directions to a local store
  3. Search for a local store business address

Is this information easily accessible on your website and more importantly, is it mobile optimized? For your business to stay competitive, your website needs to be updated with the latest technology.

How People Use the Internet is Changing

The way the Internet is used is constantly evolving year after year. In the mid-nineties when the Internet started gaining real traction, it was mainly used as a giant encyclopedia of online information. Many technology experts underestimated how the Internet would eventually reshape the world economy. Even the financial analysts missed the boat big time about how Internet Commerce would grow like it has during the past decade.
Since the early part of the twenty first century the Internet has undergone massive growth in nearly every part of the modern world. When you look at where we are today, there is no question that Mobile devices are being used to access the Internet more than desktop PC’s are. It’s estimated that this trend will only grow more, year over year. You may wonder, how does this affect me and your business?
Well is comes down to whether or not your business is equipped to handle the way people are using the Internet today to search and find business to service their family’s needs. If you don’t have a mobile optimized website then simply put; your losing money and probably to the competition. In today’s Internet, having a Mobile Optimized Website is essential to getting and keeping customers. Find out how we can help you by giving us a call.
We have multiple strategies that can assist your business to obtain more customers. One way is using search engine optimization to find and targeted keywords and keyword phrases your customers use to find you on the Internet. Another way is to leverage the multi-faceted social media companies, like Facebook, which are that are ripe with very passionate people that love to interact and connect directly with people and businesses that interest them.

Why Choose Pro Touch Marketing?

We know that a lot of companies will promise the moon and stars when it comes to giving you their sales pitch in order to close on a deal that they desperately want and need. At Pro Touch Marketing we truly take a different approach. We simply don’t take anybody that calls us because they want the stellar services we offer. We will only work with established companies that are already seeing steady and consistent business. We will not take on any new startup companies, nor any companies in the adult or gambling industries.
We won’t work with any company promoting any Get Rich Quick Schemes either. We know through experience that working with the best is always the best. You now be asking, what makes you guys the best? That’s a fair question and it’s easy to answer. We have a seasoned group of team members who are always testing and staying on the cutting edge of Search Engine Optimization. We don’t search for loop holes that work one day and not the next. We give Google, Yahoo and Bing exactly what they want.
The result is that you get and see the results you want too. That’s getting more customers and thus more sales. As mentioned above, the Internet is ever changing and that means you must change with it or be left behind. To put in another way it means not on the first page of anyone’s search results for any or your desired keywords or search phrases. Call us today and let us show you how we can get you the results that give you the ROI that you expect and deserve. There is no obligation and never any pressure, so call us right now.
Pro Touch Marketing provides businesses from Andover to Woburn and every town in between like Chelmsford and Concord with SEO, Website design and reputation management services. Reputation management can be critical to keeping your customers coming back again and again and also new ones coming. Call us to schedule a free consultation. We are in the local area of Billerica, we can meet with you face to face.


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If your business is in any of our local market areas like Lowell, Tewksbury or Wilmington we have some special deals that you can take advantage of that are sure to help your business grow. Getting you more customers is what we do best and we have proven methods that work... guaranteed. We can optimize your existing website or build one from scratch and provide SEO services. Give us a call to discuss the newest SEO offerings that we have.


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We specialize in helping local businesses in local towns around Billerica with SEO website design optimization and more. We care located in Billerica and so it's easy for us to head over to any neighboring town such as Bedford or Burlington to meet at your place of business. We are just minutes away and are happy to consult with you on any of our SEO packages or Website design specials. Want to learn more about Mobile optimized Websites an Mobile Apps?


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Is your company taking full advantage of the social media markets that are full of hungry buyers looking to find your service? At Pro Touch Marketing. we provide discounted services to all local business that are within a few towns from us. So if your close to the Lowell Chelmsford area and down to the Burlington Woburn area or over to the east from Bedford to Wilmington, we can offer great packages to your business that are proven effective.


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An often over looked method of growing a business is implementing a strategy of collecting customer emails and following up regularly with them. No matter what industry you are in, we can help you implement a strategy that is easy and effective. The best part is, it's really cost effective for you to begin using this method, and your customers will be all too happy to receive detailed communication from you on a regular basis.
If your not not taking advantage of this method, then your missing out on a very inexpensive means to having more sales each and every month. There are many things that you can do to interact with your customers using nn email contact list. For instance, you could have a monthly newsletter which highlights the current events at your company. For more a more detailed analysis of how this can me implemented, give us a call to discuss.

Local Business is Good for Business

Despite the clear and vast popularity of SEO in the business world today, very few local businesses recognize the full potential of optimizing with Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not dying and it never will. On the contrary, SEO is trending and coming up with great benefits for local businesses. That is why there are quite a number of reasons why making use of Billerica Lowell SEO services could be best decision a local business could make.

The digital marketing world is always trending, and the change never stops. It, therefore, becomes imperative for businesses to partner with a local company that specializes in SEO services and understands the local market. One that knows very well the local areas within the towns of Billerica, Burlington, Bedford, Wilmington, Tewksbury and Concord or cities like Lowell, Lawrence and Woburn. They all benefit from SEO services that allow them to they stay ahead of the competition. Just having a website for the business is never enough. The key ingredient to be on top is to have a website that has fully been optimized and integrated using social media management, website design, reputation management and more.

The most distinct aspect of working with Pro Touch Marketing for your SEO services is that you receive nothing but the best. The best means that the services you receive are tailored to suit your specific needs. This implies that the services delivered will be customized for your business. Nothing can surpass quality customer service. Pro Touch Marketing has your best interests at heart, you can be sure that your local business will be able to perform above your expectations.

SEO is just one ingredient of what it takes to effectively market a local business online. That is why it is wise to make use of a local Internet Marketing company that can leverage other effective strategies to market your business properly. We use various business listing directories, social media companies, blog posts, Web 2.0 properties and much more to ensure that your online business has the biggest online footprint for one’s local customer base. What makes this possible is the availability of a creative team that has years of experience to make sure your online business will deliver the desired results.

Maintaining accuracy as well as consistency with your online business listing is never an easy task. However, when making use of a local SEO company you can have piece of mind knowing that these important elements are taken care of consistently and accurately. These components, when combined with positive reviews, will greatly improve your online business presence. Local customers are now relying on the Internet to get information on a local business. With this in mind, making sure that your website remains up to date and accurate is the best way to draw the attention of potential customers.

There are numerous options for advertising channels within the surrounding local cities and towns of Andover, Billerica, Bedford, Burlington, Concord, Lawrence, Lowell, Tewksbury, Wilmington and Woburn. However, it is quite clear that using Search Engine Optimization marketing can have the highest bang for your buck. When you have your companies most desired keywords and keyword phrases ranking on the 1st page of the major search engines, you business will reap huge benefits.

A trusted local SEO company has a lot to offer, and is the intelligent choice to consider when deciding how to make use of SEO services in your area.